Might get zone control with the money

My husband and I didn’t do the traditional wedding.

  • We actually just signed some papers and called it a day.

Our families still sent us money and now we don’t know what to do with it. My husband and I both agree the money should go towards something in the house. But what can we agree on? I know the two of us both would like to have zone control. We don’t share a bedroom because we have vastly different temperature needs. My husband likes to be pounded with AC all night long. He also wears a CPAP and is a light sleeper. I want to have the heater running, be under a thick comforter and I move a ton when I sleep. It is better to keep us separate. Having a zone control system would mean we could set our thermostats and not bother the other one. Additionally zone control reduces our energy bills. Unused rooms don’t need to have HVAC anymore. We have another bedroom, bathroom and laundry room that get perfect heating and air that doesn’t need to. To upgrade to zone control we need a ductless HVAC unit though. Our current unit is almost 20 years old, it is time. We would need a new HVAC system, multiple indoor units and thermostats and of course the installation fee. I don’t know if our wedding money would cover it. I would hate to get deep into the project and realize I need to sink my own money into it. It is a lot of money to buy something we don’t really need at this point.



hvac tune-up

Not enough storage

I have zero storage in my home.

I can tell the house was built by a man. There are tons of sheds and a whole room in my house that was definitely a man cave. The kitchen is small and I have no storage though. I have a pantry in the kitchen that is jammed packed. The bathroom linen closet has much more than towels in it. What stinks is that I have a large hallway closet that would be ideal for storage. The problem is that I have a water heater and indoor HVAC unit in there. Those two units take up the entire space. The HVAC sits on a little wood platform up in the air. I was initially excited about shoving stuff under the platform. My husband informed me that I don’t want to block airflow, so that area is a no go. I have tried to be creative with how I store. My vacuum mounts on the side of the wall. I put my dust pan on top of the water heater. My bucket and mop can fit in between the HVAC and water heater. I really want to add cleaning products in there. I could easily slip a shelf overhead, but it wouldn’t be all that easy to reach. I also don’t want to block both machines too badly. What if I need a HVAC repair or a water heater service appointment? I don’t want to empty the closet every time that happens. I want the worker to be able to access the machine easily.



I Recommend Auto Shop Careers for some of My Students

As a high school teacher, I consider it one of my duties to get my students thinking about what they’re going to do for a career when they have finished school.

A lot of students prefer to never think about it, and that’s why you hear about those kids who are still living in the basement of their parents house and playing video games all day.

That just isn’t going to cut it. That being said, not all of my students are cut out to go to college. Some of them just aren’t bright enough. Are just not ambitious enough. Many of them just have no interest in spending all that time when they don’t know if they really want to. Some of my students are Hands-On learners. Especially for those kinesthetic learners, I like to recommend Auto Shop careers. Auto Shop careers can provide a lot of self-satisfaction oh, and they are definitely needed in our society. It’s not just mechanics that people can be, either. Artistic students can work at Automotive customization shops where they can do vinyl wrapping on cars or paint cars and put on paint protection film. They can do vehicle detailing. Have you ever gotten your car detailed? Were you shocked by how much it cost? I know I was, and I am certain that the people who do car detailing are making a pretty good living at it. Nowadays, there are even car window tints that can be put on in an artistic fashion or that are very artistic looking. The best car customization shops will have people who specialize in different areas. They need Specialists who can do window tinting, car performance modifications, vehicle wrapping, suspension lowering and installing aftermarket performance car parts.


I l received how to do basic drain cleaning & u-pipe maintenance

Sporadically soap scum will settle in the u-pipe or p-trap.

Having access to Google & Youtube has given several of us a level of freedom that all of us never thought was possible in past years. I’ll never forget the frustration I had trying to learn how to solder electronics back in the late 1990s when neither of these sites existed & your only internet guides were written text & low resolution photos. When I went to Youtube about 10 years later to learn soldering again, I was amazed at how easy the process was once I simply l received the right techniques. That’s applicable to any readily-l received skill as more people flock to sites appreciate Youtube to share their abilities & techniques with the rest of the world. My mother is reading how to use watercolor paints from a series of videos that she started enjoying on a whim one day while trying to kill time waiting on a telehealth appointment iphone call. Although I would call a plumbing maintenance for any extreme plumbing repairs or service, I figured that reading how to flush a hot water furnace would be minimal experience for basic drain cleaning & u-pipe maintenance in my master washroom. Sporadically soap scum will settle in the u-pipe or p-trap. Removing it to clean out the built-up soap scum is much easier than I initially thought. I just had to watch a video on how to re-align the p-trap to get it back into site. You need to make sure you tighten it at the right angle so water doesn’t constantly leak out underneath your sink. Some install water leak detection alarms underneath study room & washroom sinks for this honestly reason.

tankless water heater installation

I don’t recognize where I would be in life separate from indoor weather conditions control

I recently spent a week with a buddy in Nicaragua.

This was our first time ever leaving the US.

I had never even gone over the border into Canada during all of the years that I spent living in Michigan during the time when you could cross the border separate from a passport. My buddy and I had been looking at chances for spending Spring split someplace out of the country. He was used to traveling all over the world and staying in hostels to save on money. The plan of staying in a questionable accomodation in a country I had never seen while speaking a bizarre language than the population was a disturbing plan for myself and others coming from our inexperience. Things just went downhill from there. When the two of us arrived at the site where the two of us would be staying, I discovered that there was no shower. All there was in site of a real shower was a wand, chair, bucket, and drain in the floor. You take a shower by filling buckets of water and pouring them over your head. On top of this disadvantage, I soon discovered that there was no form of indoor weather conditions control either. I guess I should not have expected an cooling system in this part of the world, but another part of myself and others wondered if maybe there was an seasoned window cooling system or a ductless mini split, but there wasn’t even a fan to push in air from outside. That week made myself and others realize how much I take indoor weather conditions control for granted. I was so cheerful to have air conditioning again when I got back home.


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