Weekend getaway comes with great heating and cooling

I wasn’t so sure about spending 3 nights at an inn.

The idea of staying somewhere like that was not exactly appealing to me.

If I was traveling for business, I always stayed at the mid tier hotels. I loved the fact that they were always nicely appointed, clean and had the best heating and cooling. It’s those big wall unit air conditioners that do it for me. Plus, the price and the free breakfast at my choice of lodging was right in my wheelhouse. That’s not what I was getting with a long weekend at this inn. But, it was a place I knew that my wife was just itching to visit. And honestly, I could be a bit more spontaneous and romantic when it comes to her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me so showing her the sort of time she adores is a good thing. Still, the idea of an inn conjured thoughts of shared bathrooms and archaic heating and cooling. But this wasn’t the case at all. The rooms were all extremely nice, updated and individually decorated. Plus, they had great heating and cooling. We had our own ductless heat pump which is sort of a cousin to those big wall units in the hotels where I normally stay. The ductless heat pump was awesome. I was so impressed with just how easily and quickly the ductless heat pump satisfied our every heating and cooling need. The rest of the weekend was a big surprise as well. The restaurant served some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth. And my wife and I were able to relax together as well as get out and explore the awesome space the inn occupied. We even went into town for some ice cream like we did when we were first dating.



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