Uneven temperatures in the various rooms of my house

Have you ever read the temperature on your thermostat and wondered whether it was truly accurate? I have. It seems like the temperature in the various rooms of my house can fluctuate quite a bit. For example, I’m convinced that my bedroom is the coldest room in the house. If I shut my door, it can almost feel like a walk-in refrigerator. And yet, I set the thermostat to a mere 72 degrees. I walk out of my room into the kitchen and it seems like the temperature goes up at least a few degrees. Then I go to the other side of my house in the guest bedroom, and it’s the warmest room in the house. I think there are a variety of factors involved in this strange situation. The closet that contains the components for my air conditioner system is right outside my bedroom door, so perhaps I get the benefit of the best cooling in my room because of that. The guest room, on the other hand, gets the most sun exposure throughout the day, since it is on the west wing of the house, and there is an open field in that direction. On the east side of my house, there is a tree line that blocks the sun as it rises in the morning. I don’t know how much these little things contribute to the difference in temperature in each room of my house, despite what the thermostat says. I am content with the situation, but I wonder whether or not my air conditioner was the right size for my house.



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