Under the air vents

When you have your bed underneath the air vents of your central heating and air conditioner system this can be a bad thing and a good thing at the same time, it all depends on how you handle it and what you do. For me, it was not such a good thing because I would be too hot or too cold all the time while trying to sleep, depending on the time of the year that it was. Some people can handle sleeping under the air vents of their central heating and air conditioner system if they are prepared for it, me, I was not! So what I ended up doing was just moving our bed to another section of the room that was not under the air vent of my central heating and cooling. It was still near the air vent though, and this was helpful, because what I did from there was place a small floor fan right under the air vent where the bed used to be, and I put it on the low setting and had it blow the air around the room. It helped in both heating and cooling the room a lot faster than it would have done without it. It was like giving it a little push you could say. So this is our take on having a bed under the air vent of your central heating and ac. It can be beneficial if you do the right things with it. For me, moving the bed and having the floor fan blow the air flow around was the right answer.

heating technician