To help with cooling

When you have absolutely tepid weather going on and are having problems with the air conditioning being able to totally cool your house, there are a few things you can do to help.

The first and cheapest thing you could do is to close your blinds or shades in the day, even though this will make your apartment dark and dreary, it will keep the direct daylight rays out and make the central air conditioner be able to do its job a lot easier than it would with trying to contend with the sun. However if you do not want to go that way and make your apartment dark and dreary looking in the day just to keep the daylight out, you can always go out and buy a portable air conditioner. Having a portable air conditioner running at the same time as your central air conditioning can help to cool your apartment a lot quicker and easier with the daylight coming directly in your house. This is what I do because I am not 1 who enjoys to keep the house dark. And guess me, the portable air conditioner absolutely does wonders to help the cool air flow through my apartment on these absolutely tepid afternoons that we get in the summer time time months of the year. It is great. I absolutely request to anyone out there to try this if you do not want to have to keep your blinds or shades closed to try to keep your apartment cooler and your central air conditioner working most effectively.

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