The HVAC tech was very disrespectful

I know that a lot of people out there are sick and tired of hearing about COVID.

Some people think it’s a fraud, other people think the danger is over… but altogether there is a very large chunk of the populace that won’t wear masks anymore.

I have gotten my vaccinations and my booster shot, and I still choose to wear a mask when I go out in public. This is America, and I will choose what I think is best for me, no matter what anyone else says. I got into a debate with the HVAC tech who came over last week to inspect and tune up my system. I told him he couldn’t come into my house and work on my air conditioning without a mask, and he said that was stupid. The HVAC tech believed that masks didn’t do anything, it was all for show. I explained as calmly as I could that whether he was right or not, this was my house and I made the rules. If he was going to come inside and perform the HVAC work he had been hired to do, he had to put on a mask. If he wore a mask in his own house, or at the HVAC shop, that was his business, but in my house it was my decision. He kept arguing with me, so IO shut the door in his face, called his boss at the HVAC to complain, and then found a new company to work with. I will not tolerate disrespect in my own house!



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