The Heating as well as Air Conditioning store closed down

It was a uneasy day when the heating & air conditioning system store in my neighborhood closed down.

I have been going to this store since I was a kid. When I was a little kid, I did not understand anything about Heating & cooling. Other than that, I knew that Summers were hot & the winters were cold. My parents were the ones that worked on all the heating & air conditioning system expenses, as would be expected. Other than that I knew my local heating & air conditioning system store only because my dad used to take me there all the time when she would go shopping for up-to-date air filters. I remembered for the longest time she used disposable air filters however then she discovered HEPA filters & she switched over to those instead… She was so cheerful when she started using those because they were easier to use & they were of a higher quality, even if they were a bit more overpriced. I remember asking a question about air filters once & she explained it to me that I was too young to absolutely understand. I have lived in the same neighborhood my whole life & so I grew up with this Heating & Cooling store & even when I turned 19 & moved out of my parents house, this was the same company that I started using for my own heating & cooling system, however so it was absolutely uneasy 5 years later seeing them go out of business, there just weren’t enough people in the neighborhood & they were getting enough company to stay afloat. It was a uneasy day.

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