The furnace at the old cottage wouldn't turn on

Camping or spending time in a lovely old cottage is our idea of fun.

My partner and I have been doing this every summer for years. At times, in mild climates, we do the same in winter as well. There’s just something magical about being out in nature. We hope to live for a year in a van and travel the country one day. But, for now, we get away whenever possible because of work. I think the motive behind our escapes is that we live in one of the busiest cities in the world. After some time dealing with traffic, noise, and the general crowding, we want to be somewhere secluded for a few days. We went to this remote location to stay in a cottage the last time. The surroundings were magical, but we had to use the heating system in the evening. We tried to turn on the furnace that first evening, but it wouldn’t work. This was a surprise because the rental space had assured us the furnace was working. We had to contact them and explain that the furnace in the cottage wasn’t working. The agent we spoke to was apologetic, and she assured us they’d have someone over the next day to sort out the problem. Since we had a lit fire and a portable heating unit, we waited until the following day to have the matter resolved. After many adventures, we learned the importance of having a portable cooling and heating unit. There’s always a chance of the unit in a cottage or camping area failing.

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