The filters in window AC units need to be replaced

I have recently moved into a new place and there are so many differences here compared to my last one.

For one, my ex-boyfriend isn’t here.

I’ve completely moved out on my own. There seems to be more bugs here than in our last place which is always annoying. And this apartment has window AC units instead of central air conditioning. I didn’t think it would be so challenging to get used to, but I’ve always had central air conditioning in every place that I’ve lived. Window AC units are typically louder, they don’t circulate air as well as central AC does, and they don’t have the best filters. I personally don’t think the filters in those things work at all, but I still replace them pretty often just in case they do. I only say that because when I would replace the air filters in the central HVAC at the last place, I could notice a difference right away. When I replace the filters in these units, the air still feels the same and my allergies still suffer. My landlord says that those filters should be replaced once a month, but I’ve been doing it biweekly since dust and dirt are flying straight through the window unit from outside. It’s taking a while to get used to, but I hope that I am only in this apartment for a short term. I know that big things are coming my way, and I will be able to move in a place I actually desire. You gotta believe in the things you want!


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