Smart control units are the way of the future

Sometimes, I believe that this generation is so obsessed with making things easier. Everyday, I am seeing new inventions that make straight-forward, daily tasks easier, faster, more efficient. Are people afraid of hard work? Do people believe spending more time doing those things will take them away from life itself? Perhaps. Smart control units are one of those inventions that I actually do believe in. When I was a kid, the thermostat unit in my family’s house was all the way down in the basement. We lived in a three-story home, so to travel that far downstairs anytime we wanted to adjust the control unit was always a pain in my rear. This was especially annoying and strenuous, dealing with hot and cold temperatures, when we wanted to turn up the heater. The other day I saw an ad for a smart control unit, and I couldn’t believe it! Apparently, you can sync the control unit right to an app on your phone and control the air conditioner and heating system from there. You can even adjust your settings when you aren’t home, which is helpful for people with kids, for families. I asked my friend if he had heard of these things. It turns out he’s had a smart control unit for years! Why am I just now hearing about them? I called up my HVAC contractor to see if I could update my normal control unit with a smart one instead. This generation is pretty lazy, but I must confess that there are a few inventions that have been helpful to my life.


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