Saving the rug with sun control window film

I recently invested in a new rug for the house.

For years I dealt with a gray tile that could easily be cleaned up. The tile was practical for having a cat and three kids. Sand, dirt, hair and grime never showed on that tile. It could be scrubbed and take any sort of cleaning product. It wasn’t all that pretty though. I had to get a brown color that matched the outside dirt and my cat’s fur. Now that my husband and I are alone in the house, the practical color was no longer needed. The grout was stained anyway. It made sense to replace it with a carpet. Since I knew my husband and I would be careful, I invested in a gorgeous peach colored rug. It has all sorts of oranges, browns and yellow in it. It looks really great stretched through the house. I noticed recently that we get a lot of sun coming inside the house. With brown tile that wasn’t a problem. With my rug I was worried about the sun fading the vibrant colors. I didn’t want all the colors to blend together to be a light peach rug. Ew, that would look bad. So I decided that a sun control window film on every window in the house was the right idea. Now the rug is protected and won’t fade in color at all. Also, the sun control window film makes the house feel much cooler in the summer. My husband and I have saved quite a bit on AC this year.



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