My house must be haunted

I have consistently been believer of the supernatural however even with me being a believer of paranormal activity, I am still skeptical about things going on in our house however at this point I easily am starting to think that our house is haunted.

This is because I have had all kinds of unusual activity happening in our lake house recently that I kind of explain. The floors have been creaking at evening, I am consistently feeling cold spots in our house, objects have been moving to weird locales that I know I didn’t leave them, plus the locale just feels cold plus unwelcoming. The worst part though is at evening, at evening I often will hear knocking or banging noises on the wall it freaks me out plus I can get any kind of sleep; Just the other afternoon I was talking to a friend of mine plus he asked me if I had recently had our heating plus A/C idea checked out by the local Heating plus A/C business, I had not despite the fact that I told him I would plus boy am I glad that I did. This is because when I had the heating plus A/C business come over to our house the heating plus a/c worker told me that our heating plus cooling idea wasn’t bad plus even upgraded. It turns out our heating plus A/C idea was the culprit behind a lot of the unusual things I had happening in our house, although not all of them.I discovered that the cold air was a result of drafts in the house, was freaking banging noises while those were a result of the heating plus cooling idea having loose parts rattling in it, however once it was repaired the noise went away.


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