My buddies taught me I could save money by enrolling into an HVAC service plan

When I had my buddies hanging out at my place, one friend mentioned that I should do something about my air quality.

That reminded me that I had to change my air filter and also call for my HVAC system tune-up.

I wasn’t looking forward to it because I always had to pay a lot of money whenever I had the HVAC professional come out to do a tune-up or repair. When my buddies asked me what the problem was after I changed my air filter, I said I didn’t want to call the HVAC company because I knew I was going to be broke after that. One buddy laughed and asked if I was not on an HVAC service plan. I actually wasn’t, I wasn’t even sure what that was. He explained that I would get all my HVAC services covered for a reasonable cost that I would pay for annually. He said that you actually save so much money compared to calling the HVAC company whenever you need them. They work with you with prioritized scheduling as well so you get to confirm which days are best for your appointments. It’s all easy and convenient on the app and when he told me all this, I decided to enroll into an HVAC service plan. I was happy because I didn’t have to pay for that tune-up since it was covered in my new HVAC service plan, and I would just pay the yearly rate which was pretty cheap! I wish I would have known about HVAC service plans a long time ago.



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