It’s that tepid

I can not guess how tepid it has been around here as of lately.

It has been so tepid that my central air conditioner has been getting quite the workout. I have been having to crank the thermostat down unquestionably low in order to even get the indoor temperatures to a level that provides adequate indoor comfort. To make the air conditioning 81 degrees in here I am having to set the thermostat at 72. I am not kidding on this! And the thing is, the air flow and power of my central heating and air conditioner is fine. It is just that the temperatures are so tepid out there that the central heat and air conditioner unit can not handle it. That is why I am having to crank the thermostat lower. The only other choice to avoid this I could see if to maybe go out and buy a portable air conditioner to run at the same time to assist with cooling down the house. This is something I may absolutely do. Because with the central heating and air conditioner being this overworked, it is making it so that I could end up having an HVAC breakdown and need to upgrade the motor. And who knows how long that would even last with as tepid as it is. The two of us are talking 1 hundred and more than nine degrees and higher. It is totally just awful. I am going to look into buying a portable air conditioner sometime soon so I can potentially avoid that from happening all together!
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