It's particularly pressing to have the best quality of service

I particularly did not think that marketing the HVAC business online would lead to a lot of sales.

I was legitimately wrong about that.

I will be the 1st person to admit that I am wrong. I did not want to spend so much money on the budget for money per click advertising that our spouse Jo thought was a wonderful idea. I advocated a couple of different ideas but Jo was set on pay per click advertising. Jo already had a digital marketing supplier picked out and they specialized in HVAC businesses. Jo found the perfect supplier for us. Both of us started out with a couple of advertisements online and Jo and I did not spend a lot of money on paper click advertising. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. The digital marketing manager advocated using spend money per click advertising for something very obscure love industrial air cleaner repair. There might have only been more than six different people searching for that term in a day, but those people would be recognizably interested in our small website if that is exactly what I was advertising for. It seemed to make sense to me and Jo after the digital marketing guy explained everything. I agreed to run the campaign for 1 week. I got at least a dozen calls while in that week. I could not handle this many repairs on our own. I had to send a couple of current HVAC service pros to handle the repairs. They did not perform quality task and I lost 2 of the clients. I should have gotten. I know it’s particularly pressing to have quality servicemans. I did not think they would cause me to lose my clients.


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