It’s heating up Outside and Cooling Off Inside

I’m so happy about the invention of climate control systems for the house.

I couldn’t imagine going all day in this heat while sitting in my office trying to work. How did they do it in the old days? The houses must have been 95F inside during the middle of the summer and I have no clue how people survived without AC or fans. Back in the 1800s they didn’t even have fans so the air was stagnant and hot all day long in the houses. I would like to go back in time, before the invention of air conditioning to see how people lived. How do you sleep at night when it is 90F and humid out? I guess people didn’t know what they were missing so they didn’t care so much. We are so spoiled now with our central HVAC systems keeping us comfortable in the harshest of weather. The wintertime probably wasn’t so bad back in the day because people could make fires in the fireplace to stay warm, but in the summer it’s a whole different ball game. Speaking of ball games, there is a good game tonight and I may see if my friends want to go watch it somewhere. Ideally, somewhere with cold air conditioning and not too many people because I like to hear the commentators during the game. It just adds to the fun of the game when you hear the commentator going crazy when they make a great point. I need to finish up my HVAC system cleaning today before going out to play.


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