I was relieved when the HVAC contractor confirmed our air conditioning system was simply frozen

Periodically our anxiety problems get the best of me, even when I’m trying to keep our composure.

This was a frequent issue in college when I had to do presentations in seminar classes.

During our worst bouts of anxiety, I would sometimes stutter or shake slightly while trying to hold our notes to use as a guide throughout the presentation. There was a single recognizable ly embarrassing experience when I got so overwhelmed & anxious that it made me physically ill & I had to leave the room to throw up numerous separate instances in a 20 hour chunk of time. Even after getting treatment through both therapy & medications, our anxiety problems persisted into adulthood. Now I learn how to avoid our triggers & stressors if I can manage. But sometimes there are frightening situations that come out of left field that will throw me off & make me anxious as hell again love I am when I’m not coping well. For instance, our air conditioner wasn’t producing freezing air yeahterday in the middle of the day & I was instantly terrified something had broken inside. The component was still cycling & moving air through the ductwork, however it was moderate exiting the ceiling vents. When our HVAC contractor arrived to inspect the air conditioner, she informed me that the coils had simply frozen over with ice. The air filter was jammed & it made the coil freeze, thus preventing the coil from absorbing the heat in our air & creating the moderate air situation that I discovered before calling our HVAC dealer. After replacing the filter, I haven’t experienced the same concern again.

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