I wanted to know if the water coming out of the AC unit was normal

I was ready to give my boyfriend a piece of my mind. But, I also didn’t want to admit that I had found out such an awful thing. I’d trusted him so much and never once believed he would end up betraying me in such a manner. It’s my best friend who had seen him out with another girl making out while she was at a party with her husband. She didn’t hesitate to alert me to the situation and send me pictures as evidence. The more I looked at the images, the worse I felt, so I opted to pack my things and go home to my mom. I arrived when she was still at work and so didn’t call her lest she panics and come running. The only thing I could do was wait, but I had to turn on the AC unit. The house felt quite hot and muggy, which was quite odd. I knew mom always left the AC unit running unless she was traveling. Instead of wondering what was wrong with the AC unit, I opted to go down to the basement to inspect it. That’s when I came across a pool of water on the floor and more coming out of the AC unit. I’d never seen an AC unit drip water before, so I chose not to ignore the matter. Mom has a repair and service contract with a local AC company. Their numbers were on the refrigerator, so I called them immediately to determine if this was a normal situation. The HVAC repair person I spoke to did understand the issue and said it sounded like a clogged drainage line.
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