I Wanted our Good Old Trusty Fireplace Repaired by Christmas

I had been having some trouble with the fireplace, as some of the stuff between the bricks was flaking out and there was nothing but smoke coming into the house. There was plenty of heat, however it was also putting smoke in our eyes. I talked to the heating and air conditioning corporation and asked who I should contact to get our fireplace repaired. They told me about a bricklayer they knew, and when I called the gentleman, he made an appointment to come out to the house. He said he could repair the broken bricks, and that would make the hearth and mantle look better, even though I needed someone to clean the chimney and make sure the flue was working. This made sense and so I called the local chimney sweep and he was there two days later. All I wanted was for our fireplace to be repaired before Christmas, but I was beginning to wonder if that was going to happen. When the chimney sweep was finished with the chimney, he had excruciating news. He said there was a lot of debris plus creosote in the chimney that he had detached. There were also some broken bricks and cracks in between them that needed to be fixed. He wouldn’t suggest using the fireplace until I had the chimney repaired. I looked at our fireplace and shook my head, as I was realizing a fire in the fireplace may not happen this year. I would just get a fireplace insert that ran on electricity, and hopefully I could find one that looked like it had sparks in it.
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