I love music but it’s not as steady of a career as being an HVAC technician

I have various chances as to what I can do with the rest of my life.

I could beginning up my own local business, doing heating plus cooling repairs plus service, or I could play drums plus sign with my bandmate plus try to earn a residing that way… I suppose that the latter would bring myself and others more joy, although I am not sure I would be able to survive just doing that plus nothing else. My bandmate cares about playing in front of local corporations plus asking people for money, although I suppose it’s weird doing that as I don’t love to beg for money. Maybe it is possible to run the heating as well as air conditioning business while both of us were in the afternoon plus play music at night. This is funny because I am 55 years old plus you would think I should suppose what I am doing with my life at this point… A lot of my friends are local corporations plus own local businesses, plus have saved up nice nest eggs plus are getting ready to retire. Honestly, I have about $5000 to my name plus I am just scraping by doing some space time gigs here plus there. I quit working in the heating as well as air conditioning industry as an actual heating as well as air conditioning tech about 23 years ago plus chased a comedy dream for 17 years. It basically took all of my money plus time plus now I am left with no money in the bank plus no real means of making money. I need to figure out if running a heating corp would be a better option than playing music in the streets.

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