I interviewed the most interesting HVAC tech

For a few months I worked for the local evening news team. They let me conduct a few interviews with people on the street, or witnesses to local events. It was not a great job, but it fired me up about wanting to tell stories. I met so many interesting people that had incredible stories to share. Since they were not rich or famous, the news wasn’t interested in them – but I was! This is why I started a podcast, to share the stories no one else wanted to. My first episode involved a local HVAC tech named Hank, who had recently been fired from his job. With nothing left to lose, Hank told me all sorts of fascinating facts about the world of professional heating and cooling. My goal was not to just make a great show, but to help Hank get a new HVAC job because of this interview. Hank had been working in the HVAC industry for almost twenty years, and liked to say that “I am too old a dog to learn any new tricks.” When he started in the business, all he had was a van, some tools, and a barely passable knowledge of HVAC systems. Although he was great with heaters, when it came to A/C units Hank didn’t know very much at first. I loved talking with Hank, and hearing about his two decades in the HVAC industry, and I also consider him a friend now. Even if I can’t get him a new job, I will at least pay him to handle all my HVAC work in the future.

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