I didn’t think I would love a fireplace

I will be the first to admit that I never thought that I would love or want a fireplace in my home. I suppose my mindset was stupid, however I always thought that fireplaces weren’t cool enough. I wanted my apartment to look cool, and a fireplace was not exactly what I had in mind. Whenever I think of fireplaces, I picture an harshly cheesy romance film taking arena in front of a fireplace… Yuck. No thanks. Thankfully, my lady had similar beliefs as I did, until she let a salesman talk her into getting 1. Imagine my surprise when I came apartment to an electric fireplace oil furnace in our home. At first I was mad, even though she eventually convinced me to at least try it. The people I was with and I made a deal that if I didn’t love it, it had to go, and she agreed to this rule. And so for the next few afternoons, every one of us sat in front of the electric heater, and talked about some of our outdated times and enjoyable memories. Surprisingly, I found myself warming up and feeling comforted by the flames. It felt much easier to talk and relax. As I relaxed with my lady, I quickly realized I was becoming love those people in the films, and I quickly shut that down and left. After a week, I told my lady confidently that my mind had not been changed, and the alternate heating component had to go. As my lady prepared to return it, I couldn’t help however to know a pang of sadness. And I ended up going back on my decision. Owning a fireplace is not nearly as bad as I thought, and I realized that everything I own doesn’t need to be cool to be useful.

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