HVAC chores at home getting done more consistently

`I’m doing my best in order to get a bit better when it comes to getting stuff done around the house.

This is something that doesn’t exactly come naturally to me.

And it’s a shame because I sure had the environment from which to learn about being handy when I was a kid. My dad could fix just about anything around the house. Well, he never fooled with the HVAC equipment as he left that stuff to the HVAC professionals. However, he was always on top of the HVAC chores around the house. It was like second nature to him. My dad really didn’t have to even think about stuff like is HVAC responsibilities. He just sort of worked them in as he was doing all the other projects he had going at his house. That’s just not the way that my monthly HVAC chores go around my house. I actually have to set a reminder on my phone in order to remember to change the dang air filter. And even then, it’s not as though I’ve been particularly consistent with any of it. This, is what I’m trying to change. I took a good step in that direction when I called the HVAC company. Signing us up for the HVAC service plan takes that off of me. Now, I don’t have to remember to schedule the HVAC maintenance in the fall and the spring. And, I have remembered to change the air filter for six months in a row. That could be a new record. All I know is that I’m doing my best to do my best when it comes to taking care of my HVAC equipment.
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