How many leaves can I have for my wood dining table?

I wanted a wood dining table to finish my dining room, but I hadn’t found the perfect table yet.

I was shopping last weekend, and I saw the wooden table I had been looking for.

I walked into the furniture store and asked about the wooden table they had featured in the showroom window. He gave me the price, and told me who manufactured it, but he didn’t give me time to ask the question I really wanted answered. I wanted to know how many additional leaves I could get for the wooden table? He looked nonplussed and didn’t answer right away. Thinking he hadn’t understood the question, I repeated it to him. He asked how many leaves I needed for the table. I wanted seating for sixteen so I could have Thanksgiving dinner at my house. He said the wooden table already seated ten people, and I would need an additional two or three leaves depending on if they were adults or children. I would also need the chairs to match and he would need to order them. There was one leaf included in the price of the wooden table, and eight wooden chairs to match. I found wooden chairs in the store, and although they weren’t a perfect match, they went well with the wooden table and wooden chairs. I ordered ten chairs and the extra table leaves. I finally found the perfect wooden table and chairs for my dining room. Now all I had to do was figure out how I was going to get the table and chairs home, but the salesperson solved that when he gave me a delivery date.

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