He Told us he Would Knock out the Job as Quickly as Possible

When our gas furnace quit working, all of us wanted it repaired quickly. My mom and dad lived with us and they were both in their mid 80s. If it wasn’t 75 degrees in the house they weren’t blissful. I told them our gas furnace wasn’t working, and so all of us had to huddle in the living room near the gas fireplace. A minute later, the heating and air conditioning serviceman arrived at our home. I expected him to show up sooner because we said it was an emergency, and we were paying the heating and air conditioning corporation for overtime minutes on top of the emergency fee. He told us he was going to do the job as quickly as possible, however it took him over five or six hours. I asked why it took so long and he said it was a hard job. He still hadn’t completed the job, but he had to go to the heating and air conditioning corporation for more parts. Mom and dad were getting antsy plus they wanted to go to bed, even though I could not let them away from the heating device. I had to have heating in the place or they were stuck here all night. I told the heating and air conditioning expert about our mom and dad and insisted he had to get the gas furnace running quickly. If he wasn’t done in half an hour or so, I would need to make a call to the hotel and get our parents out of this chilly house. They could not go without the gas furnace for much longer, as mom was shivering and dad’s lips were turning blueish. Six hours was more than enough time to repair a gas furnace and I wanted it done.

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