Going to do my Yoga Routine by This HVAC Business on the Beach

Normally, I do my yoga routine in my living room because it is warmer here and I can relax more.

  • But today, I am feeling like going out in the sand and doing my routine near the HVAC business where I buy my HEPA filters and HVAC equipment.

They are open today and have an espresso machine there which makes some really good espresso. I don’t like to drink caffeine after about 3 pm though because it kind of messes up my sleep, so I am going to head down there soon and grab a small cup before doing my yoga. The HVAC reps working there are cool with me grabbing a cup now and then because I am there a lot buying stuff for my HVAC system. Today is a bit chilly so I need to do the routine before it gets too late as the sand can get really cold when the sun gets low. The sun has a radiative heating effect on anything it hits and it really can warm the sand up even on cold winter days like today. I need to clean my furnace filter at some point because I have been running my heating a lot more and don’t like it when the filter is full of dust and stuff. I think I cleaned it not too long ago but I have been running it a lot and it gets filled up pretty fast with dust as we have a lot of dust outside which comes into the flat. Lots to do, lots to do!


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