Ductwork cleaning and a new air filter were the answer

I love having a clean house.

And that feeling isn’t relegated to just my home.

I have to have a clean, well organized space to work from inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office as well. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always functioned better when there is order and cleanliness. The house I grew up in wasn’t so much that way. My parents were very well off and they had a house that was grand and had the latest in residential HVAC. But they were also just too caught up in living life to keep the house clean. That fell to me and the maid. We were like a pair and honestly, I was as close to her as I was anyone in that house. I took that attribute into my adult life and it’s worked for me. But after living in the same house for nearly a decade, I started feeling like, although the house was clean, it was dirty. It’s hard to really articulate just what I was feeling but the house just seemed dank and stale no matter how much I cleaned. But a friend figured out that perhaps this was a result of bad indoor air quality. She gave me a coupon to have the HVAC professionals come out to do ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. The HVAC technicians who came out to do the job were awesome and I was stunned by the change in my house. Once they were finished I capped this change off by installing a HEPA filter instead of the cheap paper air filters. The change is remarkable and my house now feels as clean and crisp as it looks.


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