Don’t Judge Anything and Try to Become a More Patient Person

This is the advice I am giving myself today as I feel a bit anxious about all of the work I have to get done today.

I am going to let go of the judgment and just flow in the moment and try to be more patient.

Sometimes when I have a big ductwork cleaning job to do I like to have a short meditation session before starting the work and try to feel grateful for even having work to do which earns me money. It can become easy to take things for granted that once excited us, but we can still keep that same enthusiasm we once had if we just be thankful for what we have. My heating and cooling company which hired me didn’t have to hire me at all, and they also didn’t need to keep me on board for this many years, so I need to realize that and be thankful for what I have. I’m not trying to sound preachy, but rather put this in my own brain with the words I am now writing. My life is great, my HVAC tech job is great, and all of the heating and cooling workers I work with are really wonderful too. I am going to look at the world through the eyes of kindness and try to become a bit more humble of a person. I’ll go to the HVAC business today and bring everyone some good fruit and whatnot as a gift of thanks to all of them for being so nice to me.


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