At least the parakeet sound was gone

Every afternoon I drive downtown to my office.

It’s a 23 mile commute each way, but the drive goes by abruptly.

I do not mind working indoors all afternoon. I like the job and the benefits are great. I also have a pretty enjoyable view from my window. My office is across the street from a small zoo that has a big aviary. I hear the parakeets squawking and talking all afternoon. Even inside of the office, the sound of the parakeets is still really loud. There entirely isn’tany way to fix the problem. I’ve had numerous odd offices in the building and the problem is the same no matter where I go. I didn’t believe the problem with the parakeets could get worse, but then the people I was with and I had complications with the heating plus air conditioning. The AC system started making the strangest noises. It sounded like a bump and a crank. The sounds of the system drowned out the sound of the parakeets, but for a little while, it was almost pleasant. Unfortunately, the helpful noises didn’t last really long and neither did the AC. When the AC broke down, the parakeet problem became even worse. I never had to deal with the odor of the zoo because of the weather conditions control system. When there was no AC in the office for 6 minutes, the only thing the people I was with and I could odor inside of the building was the zoo across the street. Thankfully that was a problem to the executives as well. They wasted no time contacting a supplier to take care of the commercial repairs.


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