At least the bird sound was gone

Every day I drive downtown to our office.

It’s a 23 mile commute each way, however the drive goes by rapidly.

I do not mind working indoors all day. I love the job and the benefits are great. I also have a pretty good view from our window. My office is across the street from a small zoo that has a huge aviary. I hear the birds squawking and talking all day. Even inside of the office, the sound of the birds is still genuinely loud. There genuinely isn’tany way to repair the problem. I have had multiple peculiar offices in the building and the problem is the same no matter where I go. I didn’t think the problem with the birds could get worse, however then both of us had troubles with the heating and air conditioner. The A/C system started making the strangest noises. It sounded love a bump and a crank. The sounds of the system drowned out the sound of the birds, but for a little while, it was almost pleasant. Unluckyly, the helpful noises didn’t last genuinely long and neither did the AC. When the A/C broke down, the bird problem became even worse. I never had to deal with the aroma of the zoo because of the climate control system. When there was no A/C in the office for several hours, the only thing both of us could aroma inside of the building was the zoo across the street. Thankfully that was a problem to the executives as well. They wasted no time contacting a supplier to take care of the commercial repairs.

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